San Juan Cosalá Water Project , Jalisco, Mexico

"Access to clean drinking water is a fundamental human need and
therefore a basic human right"  Kofi Annan

We want to help fill this basic human need for clean water in the small town of San Juan Cosala. 
It is located on Lake Chapala in Jalisco , Mexico
We have found a simple, highly effective and inexpensive solution in the LifeStraw Family Filter.
we would like to supply 100 families who have no access to clean water each with a free filter.
We are here to ask for your help with donations which will allow us to purchase these filters and give them to the families in need. 

In one particular poor town, lakeside-San Juan Cosala.

we learned there are 191 families living in San Juan Cosala who have 

no  access to pure drinking water. And , 156 homes are not connected to to any sanitary installations. And yet, water is abundant from Lake Chapala.

An abundant supply of water yet nothing we can drink?
Please sign the guest book and open some of the links we've provided. There is a wealth of information 
on this very important problem.

 At one time the town of San Juan Cosala was a thriving fishing village and one 

 able to support the majority of its residents. Over the years Lake Chapala has been polluted by the agricultural activity surrounding the entire lake. In addition, Guadalajara has been using the lake as a major source of water causing the lake level to drop so precipitously that fish could no longer reproduce. The former fishing village has now been transformed into a population without work. 

Bottled water and purification systems are the only two options presently available to all folks in  the area for clean drinking water

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